I thank God to bring Christina here for her last year in elementary school.  She really had the greatest and most unforgettable school life in TAAS; I can sense that from her feedback. I believe the school has brought the Christian value alive to students.  I also believe in school's philosophy of a well-balanced learning program and moral development for kids.  There are so many things we love about the school, the outdoor space, reach center, academic program, and all the fun activities, etc.  Thousands of thanks will not be able to describe how thankful we are.


I am really grateful that me, my wife, and Annabel has such blessings to have Annabel to be educated in TAAS in the past 3.5 years. (Annabel got in on the 2nd part of 5th Grade.) Her development is so good for us, me and my wife is also very happy for her.To put my appreciation in action, since I owe Annie the following paragraphs, I am sending them in. It’s maybe too late, but to show how appreciated I am. “I sincerely recommend TAAS for your child or children, because my daughter has been through excellent school years in TAAS. I and my wife, as well as many family friends have witnessed her been transformed to become much responsible, independent, and happy girl. I care my daughter’s character and total person development, I am grateful TAAS has helped me significantly to reach that goal. 我誠心的推薦台北復臨美國學校,因為她是如此平衡地重視學生的品格與氣質培養,學業知識的成長,以及身心發育和人際發展。我的女兒在學校受教的這幾年,成長許多,她更負責,獨立,快樂。我一直在乎孩子的品格教育與全人發展,我很感恩台北復臨美國學校協助我完成此階段性任務。”

Alex Lin

學習就像攀登聖母峰一樣,需要有經驗、耐心跟毅力的導師愿意真诚地帶領学员攻顶。TAAS的导师正具备了这些条件。孩子在二年级的表现不如预期,自己也很沮喪,但是她喜欢MRS. ROBINSON,也知道老師非常喜歡他,这个让我很感动,小孩如果喜欢上学、喜欢她的老师,就會喜欢学校的一切。

Paula Liao