Taipei Adventist American School had its beginning in the 1950s as a small elementary school for overseas missionaries of the Seventh-day Adventist Church who came from overseas, especially North America, to China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan to pioneer the SDA mission work. At first, the school was located at the old Adventist college campus in the Xindian district of Taipei, and was later moved to the Taiwan Adventist Hospital compound. It remained there until the mid 1980s.

In 1986 a new school building was built in a compound on Yangming Shan where many of the Taiwan Adventist Hospital Doctors and other missionary families lived. The western style compound already had six homes and two large grassy areas for play and gardening. At this time, the school board voted to build another new school building in the Yang Ming Shan compound where students could be out of the city. A three level building was constructed with two apartments downstairs and a fenced in play area on the third floor, with classrooms, a library, offices and bathrooms on second floor.

In 1991, the school was registered with the Taiwan government as a foreign school for international students. This allowed any student with a foreign passport to attend the school. The population of the school grew from 15 children of missionaries to over 120 students.