2nd Grade

Message to Students and Parents

In second grade Language Arts students learn more advanced techniques and patterns to recognize and spell words, link words in speech, match sounds to spellings, identify parts of speech, skim and scan for specific information in a text, make inferences and predictions, and draw conclusions. In Math we study numbers, addition and subtraction, measurements, geometry, and data analysis. Science includes living organisms, ecosystems, heredity, habitats, Earth’s systems, matter, energy, and forces, as well as how we encounter such things in daily life. In our social studies class we study culture, people, organizations and groups, production and consumption, and civil practices. In Bible class we study Bible stories as well as other stories with a moral or application to our lives, the history of our world, the sacrifice of Jesus and the price He paid for our freedom and salvation, the development of a Christian character, caring for and serving others, and about the love of God and ways we can share it with others. God has prepared a home in Heaven for you and me!

G2 Arts