Upper Grade Math

Message to Students and Parents

As a mathematics educator, I can attest that most students believe they either are or are not “math people.” And that idea of innate math ability is very harmful to both those who believe they possess it and to those who believe they don’t.  Some students give the impression that math is a constant struggle for them but as an educator, I believe that they are just hiding their mathematics potential and are likely to be suffering from a fixed mindset. In my math class, I want to teach my students that talents can be developed and great abilities can be built over time. And this includes their talent in studying and mastering mathematics. I immerse my students to activities which involve problem solving, reasoning, making connections and thinking deeply. I also encourage them to ask questions, and map out mathematical pathways.

Apart from that, I always remind my students that not only do they strive for academic excellence but also for character development. As a teacher, I am proactive to provide activities in my class that help my students to understand that learning to be responsible is one of the underlying principles for accomplishment in life. I also hearten my students to ask God’s help in order to make the right choices. I keep a rewards’ chart on my student’s behavior and be sure to mark a student’s good deeds on the chart.

To my students, always remember that every person is unique. Represented here in our school are individuals of virtually every nationality, creed, and ethnicity. And that is good!  Each of us can take pride in what we are and who we are. Your roots are good roots, just as good as anyone else! But it’s good to make absolutely sure that your roots are planted in rich soil! Rich soil makes for stronger roots! Continue searching for that rich soil which can only be found in Jesus Christ. Blessings!


Math is Fun!