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2nd Sem. P/T conference

2016.10.31 08:00 ~ 05:00

Our second Parent/Teacher Conference Day (March 27, Monday) will be soon and needs to be scheduled. This will be a time for parents to talk with their child’s teachers individually. Please choose 3 time slots for the teacher(s) you would like to talk to on the attached blank schedule so that we can develop the best schedule for you. We will do our best to accommodate your preferred times. However, we cannot guarantee you will get your exact desired time.

Time slots will be filled based on who turns in their form first. Please submit your schedule back to school as soon as possible. The 1st quarter grade report will be distributed to parents during the conferences. Also, please remember there will be no school that day. You may choose to bring your child with you. We highly suggest you bring your child with you to these conferences.