2020-2021 Openings

TAAS is looking to hire someone to fill the position of Enrollment Coordinator/Registrar starting January 4, 2021.

Qualifications: This person must be bilingual, able to speak English and Mandarin well, they must be a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in good standing. Experience in education is preferred. This person must be friendly and outgoing as they will be working with parents a lot and will be the front line for recruiting students for TAAS. This person will also be working with teachers much of the time as well and will need to be a team player and flexible. As this is considered an administrative position, the candidate will need to have a 4 year degree in a related field at minimum or at least 3 years of experience in this position.

Salary: Starting $74,000 per month on a 12 month contract plus benefits such as retirement and health insurance.


The Enrollment Coordinator/Registrar is responsible for managing enrollment of students and the legal paperwork needed for all foreign staff and teachers on a yearly basis.

Key Responsibilities

  • Acquire ARC & work permits as needed for staff
  • Keep staff up to date on all necessary items related to the government
  • Insurance for Students and Teachers, including national health insurance (teachers only)
  • Emergency Coordinator with AIT to mail info to teachers
  • Be ready to receive phone calls on weekends or evenings for emergencies.
  • Supervise students brought to the office for discipline or illness.
  • Update Student records and hard files
  • Keep all student files organized.
  • Be the FACTS Administrator
  • Process new student registration and give school tours as needed
  • Monitor grades and attendance
  • Processing Scholarships
  • Process Graduation diploma
  • Design honor roll (quarter) and dean’s list (quarter) and Principal’s Award (annual)
  • Print and deliver report cards (quarterly)
  • Email progress reports biweekly to parents.
  • Coordinate school events such as the harvest party, the International Food Fair, Back to school night and the Moon Festival Barbeque.
  • Bus coordinator for daily pickup and drop off and after school activities.
  • Update Enrollment Packet for new parents
  • Update education bureau/government with needed student/teacher information
  • Emergency contact for teachers/parents when needed (i.e. Student sick, typhoon)
  • Account receivable. Prepare invoice and proof of payment for parents.
  • Collect all incoming cash payments and keep records for reconciliation by the treasurer.
  • To arrive on time for Staff worship and to be ready for the children when they arrive.
  • To treat students with respect and love
  • To promote Christian values and examples in the school.
  • To hold up SDA beliefs and values in the school.
  • To model Christian courtesy and friendship before the students.
  • To be willing to attend staff meetings as called in the evening or afternoon.
  • To be willing to attend after school hour functions that students are involved in.
  • Keep their office space clean and neat
  • Be a part of any committees set up during the school year and they may be a part of AdCom
  • Help with student supervision as assigned during regular school hours, during extracurricular activities and during field trips.
  • Assist the principal as needed.


工作內容敘述 – 招生入學及註冊協調人員



薪酬:12個月的工作合約,每月薪資起薪 $74,000台幣,外加退休金和勞保及健保等福利。



  • 根據需要取得聘僱許可函和ARC(外籍人士居留證)
  • 使教職員了解政府發佈的重要公告及事項
  • 取得學生和教職員的保險,包括國民健康保險(僅限教職員)
  • AIT(美國在台協會)的緊急協調員,將相關訊息轉送給教職員
  • 在周末或晚上接聽教職員緊急電話
  • 監督生病或因紀律問題而被帶到辦公室的學生
  • 更新及管理學生記錄和檔案
  • 成為FACTS系統管理員
  • 處理新生註冊入學並根據需要提供校園導覽及入學資料
  • 監控成績和出勤率
  • 處理獎學金
  • 準備畢業文憑
  • 整理及列印每季度成績單和年度校長獎名單及獎狀
  • 每兩週將學生學習進度報告發送給家長
  • 安排學校活動,例如收穫聚會,國際美食節,返校之夜和中秋節燒烤
  • 安排學生校車搭乘事宜:每天接送和課後活動
  • 應政府及教育局要求,提供相關學生及教職員資訊
  • 緊急狀況時(學生生病/天災)為教職員及家長之緊急聯絡人
  • 處理應收賬款:準備學費單和付款證明
  • 收集所有的現金款項,並保存記錄以供財務經理核對
  • 準時赴會教職員早靈修,並在學生到達前做好準備
  • 以尊重和愛心對待學生
  • 在學校中推廣基督教價值觀和榜樣
  • 在學校中堅持基督復臨安息日會的信念和價值觀
  • 在學生面前樹立基督徒的禮貌和友誼
  • 參加晚上或下午召開的教職員會議
  • 在課餘時間參加學生所參與的活動
  • 保持辦公室清潔整潔
  • 成為學年內任何委員會的成員,並且可能成為AdCom(行政會)成員
  • 在正常的上課時間,課外活動和校外教學中,協助學生進行監督。
  • 根據需要協助校長