Students might want to learn at TAAS, because classes are taught in different locations, there are opportunities t play numerous activities and it's surrounded by nature. First of all, some subjects are taught in different classes. This is because, one teacher is good with one subjects while other teachers are good at other subjects. For example, the sixth grade classroom is used to teach math. The seventh grade classroom is used to teach Social Studies and the eighth grade classroom is to teach science. Students desire to change classes, because staying in the homeroom all day is boring and sitting for a long time is not recommended for healthy, happy students. Secondly, you can play numerous activities at TAAS. You can play basketball, soccer, dodgeball, baseball and others. It is awesome for students to experience lots of activities, because if they get bored on one activity they can change to another activity. There are two soccer courts, so one of the fields can be for a sport like soccer and another can be used for a game like capture the flag. Lastly, the campus is surrounded by nature. TAAS is located in the middle of Yang Ming Shan mountain Around the campus there are lots of insects and flowers. This school is not like in the city with horrible air. Instead we have fresh air everywhere. Without doubt, some students might want to learn at TAAS. Students often like subjects taught in different classes, and have opportunities to play numerous activities. Most importantly TAAS is surrounding by clean, beautiful nature


I want to thank you all. Michelle is lucky to have entered TAAS school. Your school is the most attentive one that caters to students' needs in every aspect. I want to thank you especially for setting up the ELL program. It is very helpful with helping students transiting and adapting to a new school that does not speaking native languages. I believe it is the best set up for new students among international schools in Taiwan. In recent years,  TAAS has gain excellent reputation. TAAS is much better than some other small international schools. Congratulations, we are proud to be a member of TAAS.


I thank God to bring Christina here for her last year in elementary school.  She really had the greatest and most unforgettable school life in TAAS; I can sense that from her feedback. I believe the school has brought the Christian value alive to students.  I also believe in school's philosophy of a well-balanced learning program and moral development for kids.  There are so many things we love about the school, the outdoor space, reach center, academic program, and all the fun activities, etc.  Thousands of thanks will not be able to describe how thankful we are.