2nd Grade

Message to Students and Parents

Welcome aboard to the second grade. Join us this year as we explore the depths of the sea and the vast universe. We will discover the wonders of God’s world. We will be travelling to North America, to South America, to Africa, and around Asia without leaving our classroom. We will be learning and saving our environment and the endangered animals. We will study the human body and how to honor God by taking care of it. In social studies, we will learn about the people around the world. We will discover and build on the strengths of the past to create a dynamic future. In math, we will learn how to add and subtract numbers in one minute. We will solve word problems, do geometry, patterns, measurements, fractions, multiplication, and division.

Please buckle up because we will continue to zoom you to other interesting parts of our journey. In language art, we will be doing creative writing, reading books that will take our minds to the different parts of the world, spelling, phonics, and handwriting. We will be doing arts and crafts. In Bible class, we will be excavating the past and build a tunnel that will lead us to our future destiny and we will be able to do this only by surrendering our whole life to God.

We will be singing songs in the classroom and at church. We will be cooking different food from different countries. We will be sharing our resources by giving to other children who are less fortunate.

By working together, parents, teachers, and students, we will produce an excellent second grade classroom. And in doing this, we are preparing our children to be responsible in this world and in the world to come.

G2 Arts
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