3rd Grade

Message to Students and Parents

Hello, glad you are checking out 3rd grade at TAAS.  I’m the 3rd grade teacher so let me tell you a bit about our class.  We are a ‘nature centered’ class.  We bring the ‘out-doors’ indoor to observe and study.  At various times we have in our classroom such things as: parrots, squirrels, beetles, walking sticks, plants, frogs, praying mantis,…and the list goes on.  Sometimes we go on fun nature walks on trails around TAAS.

We also like to cook great tasting foods, so when we do well on our tests we get to really make such things as: bread, doughnuts, onion rings, pies, ice cream, etc. in our classroom kitchen!  So this encourages us to try pretty hard in our school work. We also like to sing.  We start the day with fun songs and learn how to sing both as a group and even solo.  Then we share this talent at various school programs.

We also learn that Jesus loves us very much.  We try to share this love in our classroom and to others.  Sometimes we visit the old people in the nursing homes to share Jesus’ love and our love, too.  They really appreciate that!  Of course we do all the regular things like: spelling, Chinese, math, language arts, P.E., handwriting, science, social studies, reading, Bible, and computer.  Third grade work is hard, and we have to study each night and complete our assignments.  But it is worth it.  We have big dreams for our future.

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