ELL Pull-out ( Beginner / Intermediate)

Message to Students and Parents

ELL students benefit from:

• Being actively involved in the mainstream classroom and curriculum as much as possible.
• A caring environment that provides the support needed to be successful in the mainstream curriculum.
• Challenges that encourage achievement of personal best.
• A focus on fluency that helps students view language errors as natural and valuable learning opportunities.
• Developing strategies for monitoring personal progress and achieving academic goals.
• Small learning groups that provide unique learning opportunities with quality interaction and support.
• Ample opportunities to practice new concepts and skills in a variety of contexts.


Students new to TAAS are given an examination that evaluates their English language skills. This examination and other factors aid the ELL program in placing students in the best learning environment. Student progress in the ELL program is closely monitored and periodically evaluated. Students that demonstrate improved levels of English will be considered for placement in either a more advanced ELL level or in the mainstream classroom (exiting the ELL program).

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