Learning Support & ELL

Learning Support Service

Taipei Adventist American School has learning support services which provides support for students needing academic or special educational needs. Each student in need of learning support services will be considered for admissions on the basis of whether TAAS can provide his or her learning needs given the design of the program.

TAAS requires complete documentation (past evaluations, individual educational programs, testing, medical reports) on students applying to TAAS who have been diagnosed with a disability that negatively affects the child’s ability to learn under normal circumstances. Should this information not be available, screening must occur before admissions can be considered. If TAAS discovers a problem, that has not been disclosed to admissions, then TAAS has the right to not offer the admission to the student or to ask the student to leave if they have already started school.

Once admitted, students with special needs are served in the mainstream educational program and receive support services that focus on remediation of academic disabilities, skill development, and/or academic support.
Parents should note that admission to one grade does not guarantee admission to the next grade given that a child’s learning needs may progress beyond the scope of TAAS support services.

ELL Placement Test

Due to the limited space for TAAS ELL classes, we require all applicants, except G1, to take an ELL Placement Test during the admission process.
The result of the ELL Placement Test, will be used in the consideration of admission. The test date will be told if the grade does have open spot for next year. If there is no open spot for the grade, TAAS will not confirm a date. We would like to ensure that TAAS can provide enough time and space to those who need ELL support to learn English at TAAS.