Priority System

Based on the school’s mission and policy, qualified students are considered for admission to TAAS according to the priority system outlined below.
The categories in order of priority are as follows:

  • Priority 1. Sibling(s) currently enrolled or accepted to TAAS.
  • Priority 2. Both parents hold USA / CANADA passports
  • Priority 3. Only Student holds USA / CANADA passport.
  • Priority 4. Other passport holders.

Please note: To be eligible for admission, a student must hold a foreign passport and a valid visa to reside in Taiwan (the Republic of China).

Other Information:

  • Students transferring from a country whose school year follows a school calendar different than TAAS will generally be required to continue in the year they have completed. For example, a student completing grade 6 in Japan in January would be placed in grade 6 for the remainder of the academic year at TAAS.
  • When assessing the student’s application, the admissions committee considers prior academic and behavioral records, English proficiency, and possible need for additional support services.