TAAS is located in the beautiful and exclusive neighborhoods of Yang Ming Shan.  Our campus is surround by trees and quiet roads, in fact even our campus itself is full of trees and gardens and outdoor play area for our students.  Many parents have told us that they had heard from others that we are known as a school in the trees (森林小學).

TAAS specializes in an individualized holistic American-style instruction in a way not possible in a larger school setting. Not only is learning benefited, but social development is also enhanced in a smaller, family-type setting. Children in small school situations become more independent and do better academically because of a lower student/teacher ratio.

Because of the western-style education, students are encouraged to take responsibilities for their own learning apart from the pressures of the teacher or other authorities. Students learn how to act independently, act cooperatively, and love learning.

We are part of the largest Protestant educational system in the world, and our faculty and staff continue the system-wide educational tradition of encouraging and nurturing children to develop and perform at their highest potential. Christian morals and values are another integral part of our education system. Integrity, honesty, respect for others, and responsibility are cultivated.  We believe that all people have the ability to grow in character.  Our system is developed to produce highly intelligent children with traits such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

TAAS also offers English as a Second Language classes.  There are two different levels of instruction, ESL pull-out and ESL homeroom.  ESL pull-out is for students who need mild English support outside the classroom to develop and focus on their academic English needs.  ESL homeroom is designed for international and internationally minded students who would not otherwise be accepted into a normal grade level homeroom.  These students will focus fulltime on their academic English in all subjects in order to meet the needs of an American curriculum classroom.  There is very limited space for our ESL homeroom class.

TAAS offers learning support services for children with mild to moderate need.  Due to our size we have the ability to give individual attention to students needing extra help outside of the class room.  We have special teachers that will pull out certain students who may need extra support.  The students with special needs are still served in the mainstream classroom but then will receive support services that focus on their specific need whether it be learning disabilities, behavior difficulties, skill development or academic support.  For more information on this please see our Learning Support Policy in the Parent and Student Handbook.

Almost 100 percent of TAAS graduates continue their education at another American-based curriculum institution either in Taiwan or abroad. The vast majority choose to continue at The Primacy Collegiate Academy, Taipei American School, or another school in the United States.

From Parents

Students might want to learn at TAAS, because classes are taught in different locations, there are opportunities t play numerous activities and it's surrounded by nature. First of all, some subjects are taught in different classes. This is because, one teacher is good with one subjects while other teachers are good at other subjects. For example, the sixth grade classroom is used to teach math. The seventh grade classroom is used to teach Social Studies and the eighth grade classroom is to teach science. Students desire to change classes, because staying in the homeroom all day is boring and sitting for a long time is not recommended for healthy, happy students. Secondly, you can play numerous activities at TAAS. You can play basketball, soccer, dodgeball, baseball and others. It is awesome for students to experience lots of activities, because if they get bored on one activity they can change to another activity. There are two soccer courts, so one of the fields can be for a sport like soccer and another can be used for a game like capture the flag. Lastly, the campus is surrounded by nature. TAAS is located in the middle of Yang Ming Shan mountain Around the campus there are lots of insects and flowers. This school is not like in the city with horrible air. Instead we have fresh air everywhere. Without doubt, some students might want to learn at TAAS. Students often like subjects taught in different classes, and have opportunities to play numerous activities. Most importantly TAAS is surrounding by clean, beautiful nature

- Kaito

I want to thank you all. Michelle is lucky to have entered TAAS school. Your school is the most attentive one that caters to students' needs in every aspect. I want to thank you especially for setting up the ELL program. It is very helpful with helping students transiting and adapting to a new school that does not speaking native languages. I believe it is the best set up for new students among international schools in Taiwan. In recent years,  TAAS has gain excellent reputation. TAAS is much better than some other small international schools. Congratulations, we are proud to be a member of TAAS.

- Clarie-ELL

I thank God to bring Christina here for her last year in elementary school.  She really had the greatest and most unforgettable school life in TAAS; I can sense that from her feedback. I believe the school has brought the Christian value alive to students.  I also believe in school's philosophy of a well-balanced learning program and moral development for kids.  There are so many things we love about the school, the outdoor space, reach center, academic program, and all the fun activities, etc.  Thousands of thanks will not be able to describe how thankful we are.

- Christina

I am really grateful that me, my wife, and Annabel has such blessings to have Annabel to be educated in TAAS in the past 3.5 years. (Annabel got in on the 2nd part of 5th Grade.) Her development is so good for us, me and my wife is also very happy for her.To put my appreciation in action, since I owe Annie the following paragraphs, I am sending them in. It’s maybe too late, but to show how appreciated I am. “I sincerely recommend TAAS for your child or children, because my daughter has been through excellent school years in TAAS. I and my wife, as well as many family friends have witnessed her been transformed to become much responsible, independent, and happy girl. I care my daughter’s character and total person development, I am grateful TAAS has helped me significantly to reach that goal. 我誠心的推薦台北復臨美國學校,因為她是如此平衡地重視學生的品格與氣質培養,學業知識的成長,以及身心發育和人際發展。我的女兒在學校受教的這幾年,成長許多,她更負責,獨立,快樂。我一直在乎孩子的品格教育與全人發展,我很感恩台北復臨美國學校協助我完成此階段性任務。”

- Alex Lin

學習就像攀登聖母峰一樣,需要有經驗、耐心跟毅力的導師愿意真诚地帶領学员攻顶。TAAS的导师正具备了这些条件。孩子在二年级的表现不如预期,自己也很沮喪,但是她喜欢MRS. ROBINSON,也知道老師非常喜歡他,这个让我很感动,小孩如果喜欢上学、喜欢她的老师,就會喜欢学校的一切。

- Paula Liao

Why TAAS? TAAS cares nothing but your child! TAAS is a place full of love. They treat each student fairly, no matter what he/she is or who he/she is. TAAS has quick responses whenever parents or students have any needs. They take care of everything, such as student's learning situation and relationship between peers. They love and care each kids with them.TAAS is a small size school, therefore teachers know each students very well. Students can get specialized instructions and achieve better understanding. My kids are very happy in TAAS.

- Brandon & Elaine

I sent my children to TAAS for its gorges outdoor environment, small class site, and warmhearted teachers. My elder son was graduated here two years ago and my daughter is currently in 8th grade. Both of them like this school very much.

- Roy and Joy

Before, I often looked for a good educational environment for my kids. And now, I've found the evidence of kindness and patience with which the TAAS accomplishes the difficult task of my daughter's education. The teachers in TAAS not only open the outer world to students but also emphasize the inner world of each students. We are appreciative of everything TAAS have done for students and pleased to be part of this big family.

- Estella Chen

緑に囲まれた自然豊かな環境と、少人数制クラスに多大な魅力を感じ、入学申し込みをしました。入学後は、先生方のきめ細やかなご指導、配慮に感謝する日々です。 クラスの子供達は多国籍で、自然と文化の違いを受け入れ、相手を尊重しながら、自己実現も探求している様子です。学校の理念を基に、英語だけでなく、人としての大事な資質も育んで戴いていると思っています

- Mr. Tachizawa (G8)

TAASへの転校を躊躇する息子に「3ヶ月だけ我慢して。辛いときは、母さん一緒に泣いてあげるから」と言って納得させました。しかし、登校初日から、こちらの気が抜けるほど、穏やかな顔で帰ってきました。「みんなニコニコして僕に話しかけるんだけど、英語だからさっぱりわかんないんだよね。」と照れ笑いしていた息子も、一年経って、いまやすっかり立派なバイリンガルです。TAASには、昔TVで観ていた「大草原の小さな家」のローラ インガルスのお父さんやお母さんのような先生がたくさんいて、息子に、英語だけでなく、倫理観や達成感、愛や哲学など、多くを学ばせてくれます。同時に息子は、各国から集まった友人たちと小さな教室で机を並べ、世界への理解を深めています。そんな息子ですから、今後、言葉や国籍で誰かを差別することも、自分に劣等感を持つことも決してないだろうと思います。ありがとう、TAAS。

- Mr. Ueda (G6)

在充滿了愛與大自然的環境裡學習,我的女兒非常非常的快樂。她天天期待著上學〜 因為能在TAAS唸書的孩子是蒙福的。

- Olivia (G8)

When my husband and I were seeking a suitable school for our kids, we got the chance to visit TAAS. We both love the small and peaceful campus especially the small class setting. Everyone in school is very close to each other. It’s a lovely place for kids to learn their responsibility and grow confidence.

- Hsiuching Lai (G2/G3/G7)

我的孩子到TAAS上學之後,回家總是表現出開心的笑容。我喜歡老師非常耐心的指導。TAAS是個又溫馨又有愛的家庭。I'm glad that we are part of it.

- Andy Liu (G2/G4)