2014-2015 Cambodia Mission Trip


Dear Parents,

The 8th graders and seven teachers went to an orphanage in Cambodia this spring break. We helped build their playground. We also taught the children about Jesus. We saw the life of the children in that orphanage. It is really hard. I can’t imagine not changing my clothes when the days are 30-38 degrees Celsius or going to school not wearing shoes. But for them, changing their clothes twice a week or wearing slippers or flip flops to school is really a blessing. Most of the children go to school barefoot.
We, the SA (Student Association) leaders, plan to take this as our project. We want to help the children.
We are writing to appeal to your kindness in improving the lives of these less fortunate children at Wat Preah Yesu Children’s Home.
We are confident that whatever you donate (money, summer clothes, toys, shoes) to this orphanage can change the life and future of these children. These children have been neglected, dumped, or abandoned by their parents or relatives. For some of them, their parents died because of sickness or the others reason.
You can send your donations to our school, TAAS.
Thank you and God bless you.
Hannah Oasan
SA Vice President