Student Handbook

The purpose of this handbook is to set forth the objectives of Taipei Adventist American School (TAAS). This is a guide to school policy as well as a source of information regarding school standards and other aspects of school life. The information provided will answer most of the questions you have relative to the operation of TAAS.

Complete Student Handbook is available for download in English and Chinese in the Downloads section below.

Student Handbook FAQ :

1. Can I have a textbook to keep at home?

  • Please remember, it is against copyright laws to take our textbooks and copy them.
  • Unfortunately, due to the limited number of extra textbooks we have, we are unable to allow most students to take an extra textbook copy for home use.
  • If your child is in the Learning Support Program and you would like an extra textbook copy for home study please inform the homeroom teacher and provide a $2000 deposit per book to be kept in the office, based on availability.
  • Students are responsible to keep that book in excellent condition. Any books lost or damaged beyond reasonable wear will be assessed the deposit NT.2000 per book.

2. After my child graduates from 8th grade, is there a place that they can continue studying that’s part of your same education system?

  • TAAS encourages all graduating 8th grade students to enroll at The Primacy Collegiate Academy. TPCA provides a unique school environment designed to help students become successful in future academic pursuits and higher-educational institutions.
  • They offer an American high school (grades 9-12) curriculum allowing students easier access to many western universities and international college programs. Their small school environment allows them to focus not only on academic successes, but also the development of character and habits that lead to success throughout a lifetime.
  • Students must register separately if they want to apply for the high school.
  • For more information, please call 8866-4000. TPCA’s website is:

3. What should we prepare if my child has a field trip?

  • Students should always wear their official school shirts, ID cards, and bring the following items on field trips: ● Water bottle ● Spending money – optional ● Sack lunch/lunch money ● Comfortable clothes and shoes

4. Is “Outdoor School” required for all students? (Page.39)

  • All students in grades 4-8 are required to go.
  • Students who refuse to go may still be required to attend school depending on the resources available. The student will be given a list of homework assignments to finish during the week.
  • Attendance will count for official school days so non-attendance will be counted as unexcused absence. There will be no refunds for non-attendance.

5. Is there a family discount if we have two children studying at TAAS? (Page.41)

Families with multiple students attending TAAS are eligible for a discount. The oldest student pays full tuition, the second student receives a 5% discount, any additional students receive a 5% discount. This discount is for tuition only, and does not affect registration, ELL, Bus, Learning Support fees, etc.

6. What does it mean if my child gets a detention slip? (Page.29)

  • Detention is when a student is required to stay after school in a supervised disciplinary environment.
  • Students are required to do work or just sit at the desk in a convenient and quiet manner. It is held after school for 60 minutes.
  • Detention days will be scheduled when appropriate. Student must go to the office at 3:25PM. Parents (or an adult authorized by parent on the form) must pick up the student after detention at 4:30 PM.

7. If we have a family trip, how can we get a pre-arranged absence? (Page.31-32)

  • When a student is absent or will be absent from school, they must print an absent form from the TAAS website, fill it out, obtain the correct signatures, and return it to the office within 3 days.
  • IMPORTANT: Some parents think that any absence or tardy will be excused as long as the parent sends a note or calls the office. This is not true.

8. If my child is sick or late for school, what should I do to get an excused absence? (Page.31-32)

  • Parents may call or e-mail for an excused absence or tardy. Students will be given the opportunity to make up work for excused absences and tardies.
  • Please note that not every absence or tardy will be excused just because the parent sends a note or calls the office.

9. Can you tell me about the bus route and the rules? (Page.23-24)

  • Our school bus is home-delivery. We pick up your child in front of your house or a certain location near your house and we will drop them off in the same location. Please inform Mrs. Annie of your bus request when you process the registration.
  • A student shall not be allowed to depart the vehicle other than at his or her boarding place unless written permission is obtained from the parents and the principal.
  • Students are to remain seated and seat belted while the bus is in motion. Seat belt fines will be passed on to parents.
  • If a student has received three bus discipline warnings, then the student will be removed from the bus for 2 weeks.

10. Does TAAS have any dress code for the students? (Page.24-25)

  • Lettering, emblems and pictures on all clothing, hats, and backpacks, must comply with Christian standards and not promote items such as rock groups, beer, tobacco, and skull and crossbones, etc. Clothing should not be ripped or sloppy looking. Clothing should be modest.
  • No gang symbols or attire.
  • No permanent and/or temporary tattoos.
  • Hairstyles and coloring should not be extreme and attract undue attention.
  • Showy jewelry that could be lost or stolen, or that can cause harm to the wearer’s body during PE or class activities should not be worn.